The Villa Sorgenfrei – which means as much as “Villa with no worries” – is a gem nestled in the hillside of Radebeul, a few kilometers outside of Dresden.

The historical vineyard estate was built in the 1780s and refurbished meticulously with a good sense of taste. 14 rooms accommodate guests.

Part of the hotel is the Atelier Sanssouci, a restaurant that was decorated with a Michelin star. It has its own building next to the villa which formerly served as a ballroom. Although the main room is not large – seats 30 guests – the setting has splendor and elegance. 
A perfect ­environment for the innovative French cuisine of chef Marcel Kube – and the wine pairings of the sommelier who chooses many local wines.

Hotel Villa Sorgenfrei, Augustusweg 48, Radebeul,