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Berlin Landmarks

By any European capital’s standards, Berlin has been through a lot — and its fractured and fascinating history is reflected in the diversity of its architecture, which ranges from neoclassical and renaissance-era buildings through to ideological remnants from former fascist and communist regimes; and plenty…

Sleep Well

Funky Frankfurt Digs

With hotels about to re-open in Germany, and vaccinated tourists welcome again, we profile three stellar sleeping spots in the surprisingly buzzy city of Frankfurt.

Producers of Germany

Typical German confectionery

Germans love marzipan: no other country on the globe, allegedly, has a higher consumption rate.…


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This is GERMANY Magazine for Travel & Lebensart

GERMANY is areas of natural beauty and long, beach-filled coastlines: majestic mountains and winding scenic rivers; buzzing contemporary cities and quaint traditional towns; a world-renowned cultural heritage and globally recognised manufacturing skills.

“Lebensart” is the German word for savoir vivre. The cordial hospitality with which travelers are received in Germany is part of this “Lebensart” — as are the country's world class wines, diverse blend of traditional and contemporary cuisine, and wide range of high-class 'Made in Germany' design products, from cars, watches, and household goods, to furniture, leather products, boutique spirits and more.

This is GERMANY Magazine for Travel & Lebensart: A magazine about a country at the heart of Europe.
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