Käthe Kollwitz is one of Germany’s most celebrated artists. Born in 1867 in Königsberg, Kollwitz spent much of her adult life in Berlin, where she produced paintings, prints, woodcuts, lithographs and sculptures, most of which depicted hunger, war, poverty and the misfortunes of the working classes. Although celebrated posthumously in east Germany after her death in 1944, the establishment of a Käthe Kollwitz Museum in west Berlin only occurred in the mid-1980s, when two museums dedicated to the artist were established almost simultaneously in Germany: Cologne in 1985, and Berlin in 1986.

Despite the creaky elegance of Berlin’s Käthe Kollwitz Museum—a villa originally built in 1871 for a prominent businessman, it has been deemed too small for the growing number of visitors interested in Kollwitz’s work, and also no longer meets modern requirements as it is not barrier-free. Therefore the last day at the current location will be May 31st, after which it will move to a new location in Charlottenburg Palace’s Theater Building in September 2022.

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